Rissa Boo is a multipotential artist : author, rapper, photographer and experienced traveler. Having grown up in the Paris region, he began his activism with graffiti and breakdance before moving to New York to get closer to Hip-Hop culture. He then began to rap on his first mixtapes and to develop his photography technique while then touring South America, Asia and Africa for almost 2 years.


Following this, he released his first independent album as well as 3 EPs for which he wrote and performed the titles in English, French and Portuguese, crossing various atmospheres and influences, posing with a theatrical and dynamic flow.


On the photography side, he works on retouching his many photos to then print them on canvas and personalize them with paint with his creative vibe.




His new EP # C Scientifik project is a tasty mix of alternative rap, rock and electro punk, written and performed entirely in English accompanied by some remixes and versions in French and Portuguese.